Our Projects.

The team here at SAI is hard at work on a number of aerospace projects. Currently, our focus is on custom-built quadcopters, which we hope will help us gain knowledge about design and construction that can be applied to later projects, like rockets. We also plan on "tricking out" our quadcopters with a variety of features, such as automated battery exchange so the device can optimize its time being used.

Part of the fun of aerospace design and technologies is the community of people involved. We are proud to work with the College of Engineering here at UGA, and we're excited to begin working with other organizations in the area, like the Southern Area Rocketry group SoAR.

Current Projects

The Alkarocket challenge is a 30K Prize Rocket competition to see who can launch a rocket the highest using 100 alkasetzer tablets. The winner also gets a place in the Guinness Book of World Records!

We are creating quadcopters to be ahead of the curve of the future of flight, as well as designing proprietary technology utilizing battery exchange to get the most out of quadcopters in professional and recreational enviroments.