We're dedicated towards advancing our knowledge and skill-sets through multidisciplinary projects

Our Mission and Pillars

The purpose of this club is to engage the student body in real-world multidisciplinary aerospace projects through focusing on our three pillars of exploration, design, and community. SAI strives to make projects as interdisciplinary as possible so that every team consists of a variety of majors and provides opportunities for anyone with an interest in aerospace to participate. With these guided projects, we help prepare students for the real engineering world, where a high level of communication and teamwork are keys to success.

I. Exploration

As an organization, we strive to explore the limits of what is possible. Our passion and thirst for understanding are driven by our curiosity, and we are ambitious to learn anything we can about concepts that will further our knowledge in the topics important to our organization.

II. Design

Members of SAI are encouraged to express their creativity through our projects and workshops. Members’ technical abilities are applied to our designs and projects, which enables to expand our knowledge and develop our skills as an organization.

III. Community

Our Initiative is built on a community of talented and multidisciplinary individuals.  We take pride in creating an environment where people are encouraged to ask questions and discuss new ideas. Our passion for space exploration and our desire to learn more about our world is what unites us and drives us to excel.