Bayer's Alka-Rocket Challenge

Why Alka-Rocket?

2019 sees the 3rd annual Alka-Rocket Challenge, where college students must design and build an alka-seltzer rocket. The winners receive $30,000 and a chance to be in the Guinness Book of World Records for highest launch of an alka-rocket. 
Such a contest is a great starting point for our new team of future aerospace engineers, as alka-seltzer rockets are easy enough to build but allow for a great range of engineering freedom. We're very excited to begin working on our rocket and look forward to the opportunity to compete.

About Our Involvement

In the Fall of 2018 our alka-rocket team, was chosen as one of five programs to compete in the national finals in Florida in December. Unfortunately, we did not bring home first place, but we gained great experience that we will use to come back and win the competition this fall.
As of 2019, our alka-team has begun determining the logistics for a winning rocket design and will being prototyping over the next several months.